Welcome to my Website

Hello, I am Atul Shekhar. I am a Reader at TIFR-CAM in Bangalore. I was previously a postdoctoral fellow at University Lyon 1 with Prof. Christophe Garban. Prior to this, I was a postdoctoral fellow at KTH Royal Institute of Technology with Prof. Fredrik Viklund. I received my PhD from Technical University of Berlin/Berlin Mathematical School under the supervision of Prof. Peter Friz.

Email: atulshekhar83[at]gmail[dot]com

My research focuses in the area of Probability theory. My recent papers are primarily in two different areas: Rough Path Theory and Schramm-Loewner-Evolutions. I have the approach of an analyst in my research and I am very interested in Complex analysis and Geometric Function Theory as well. My research also interacts with other related random geometrical objects e.g. Gaussian Free Field and Liouville Quantum Gravity.

I like to broaden my research area by continually exploring new related fields. Recently, I have been working on Branching Brownian motion for its close connection to Gaussian Free Field. I am also exploring some Stochastic PDEs (aided by my background in Rough Path Theory) which are related to LQG.